About Me

Hey. Thanks for dropping in.  The name’s Philippe (Fil-Eep).

My casual summary

During business hours, I’m a driven professional who enjoys understanding the customer and how to improve their overall experience and, thus, their loyalty to a company.  Outside of work, I am a family man with a creative outlet through photography.

Me around the Internet

With a name like Philippe Mesritz, it’s rare that I can hide online… so here’s some of the main places you can find me!

Lesser Used:


My professional summary

>> Who am I? <<

• Focused, resourceful, and employee/customer focused executive with business acumen
• Passionate about customer loyalty, advocacy, and relationships
• Leader with foresight and drive to enable my employees to succeed and to help the business grow

>> What have I done? <<

• Started, grown & turned around Customer Service and Support departments as well as merged multiple centers into one global center
• Established best practices and standards in CRM, call center and support organizations
• Managed, met, or exceeded multiple SLA’s and metrics according to contract and client requirements including standard service metrics and revenue generation
• Reduced cost and increased revenue by focusing on quality and a top customer experience through analytics, metrics, KPI and quality measures such as Lean, Six Sigma, NetPromoter and ITIL.
• Continually improved processes to recruit, mentor and motivate a strong workforce of dedicated and loyal service agents.

>> What do I enjoy? <<

• A Senior Customer Service, IT & Support Operations position with a quality company, where I can have a significant impact in developing and improving a service operations organization for both internal and/or external clients.
• A role where I can make long lasting impact to your customer loyalty, your tools, your processes, your profitability and your organizational progress.

>> Can I help you? <<

Please contact me (philippe at mesritz.us) if you think I can help your organization drive to success.

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